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Capsule CRM Review

Capsule CRM can be described as an user-friendly CRM that is a great choice for users who want to start up without having to fiddle with many changes to the configuration. Capsule CRM makes it simple for users to make records, and even assign tags in the moment without having to create custom fields within the administration section first.

If your company is searching for a CRM that everyone is able to get up at the end of the day and Capsule CRM is one of the top options that is available. Its user interface is extremely clean and uncluttered. can be accessed via the menu at the top of the bar where users can generate leads and opportunities, as well as monitor deal flow through the pipeline. It also offers a base set of integrated features, and users are able to easily add annotations and add them to their accounts. It’s not the best solution available however it’s adequate to satisfy the majority of companies.

Key Capsule CRM features

  • save and share contacts with colleagues
  • classify data by tags
  • control your’sales pipeline’ and produce reports on the pipeline
  • monitor the activity of your colleagues, you and leads (for instance, you can automate the addition of an email the record of a lead or add information regarding a conversation you had with them, etc.)
  • make lists of things to do and schedules
  • Develop tasks that are related to specific issues and then share them with colleagues
  • Use ‘tracks’ in the creation of a standard selling procedure (‘tracks are a set of predetermined tasks that must be completed and then checked in Capsule after conducting follow-up on an business possibility)
  • Integrate the system into Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace (this is explained in greater detail in the next section)
  • Utilize a range of third-party software, such as Mailchimp and Zendesk (to handle e-comms and support desks, and support desk)
  • determine who your contacts are active on social media, and add their profile details to your contacts
  • manage cases associated with specific occasions – you can utilize them to manage inquiries from customers or to manage various pieces of work related to the particular project. As you may imagine, you will keep them open until the issues are resolved, and then close the case when finished. This effectively lets you operate the basic support desk.

Tools for Customer Support Teams 

Capsule CRM doesn’t intend to be an aid to support, however some people do make use of it to maintain lead ‘cases. It could be information about a specific project or task that’s ongoing and linked to a specific account or lead in the system.

In addition, Capsule could be coupled with the following support tools that enable helpdesk personnel to have full access to departments’ accounts in the sales division:

  • Zendesk
  • Help Scout
  • SupportBee
  • Enchant

Tools for Marketing Teams

Capsule CRM is not equipped with specific features for marketing like emails or pages for landing. When used combination in conjunction with any of the integration partners like Mailchimp as well as Mad Mimi, it contains all the tools necessary to connect contacts and move them through to the sale funnel.

MPZ Mail can also be utilized to create rich emails that you can send to CRM customers, or any group of them.

In addition, Capsule CRM offers users a central mail drop box that is able to link mass emails to CRM leads. It can be hidden within the BCC field to ensure that it does not appear to prospective customers.

Tools for Sales Teams

Sales teams are equipped with all the CRM functions they may require from Capsule CRM. These include the capability to collect leads and schedule follow-up actions like account checks-ins and calls to prospect.

To keep track of the sales performance it is essential to keep an watch at the sales pipeline to determine how many leads are getting close to maturity, and how much the anticipated amount of sales could be based on these leads.

In keeping with its long-standing tradition of being simple first, Capsule also makes it easy to import and export data. Users can easily export a Vcard (electronic company card) format for every lead saved in the CRMor import contacts imported from a spreadsheet, in an CSV or via connection with Gmail or Outlook. The many options make it simple and fast for teams to access all their leads together.

There’s also an “add task’ tab that lets users quickly record the follow-up activity of the lead. There’s a set of tasks that are likely to repeat across many companies like ‘call “follow up” and’meeting’ to speed up the process.

In addition, when you create an opportunity the user is able easily assign the lead to it using an auto-population dropdown. Users can also add any additional information to the lead by sending an email to an email address specific to the prospect.

Customizations and Integrations

Capsule CRM has the ability to customize and integration options, though the selection isn’t as extensive as you’ll find in other CRM providers.

For personalization, users can connect custom fields to various CRM records. They can vary in terms of type from lists to dates and also automatically generated hyperlinks.

There are more than 50 available integrations — which includes marketing automation toolkit that allows users to connect their CRM to additional products and services. A few of the most popular support options are:

  • UnifiedVU business dashboard. UnifiedVU business dashboard
  • Email marketing programs
  • GSuite and Google Data Studio

In order to integrate with other appsfor example, Slack for instance, Capsule suggests using Zapier CRM integration.

Reporting and Dashboards

The module ‘Reporting’ can be considered one of four core elements of the CRM. It lets users create detailed reports on the sales activities. Color coded charts and graphs allow users to visually assess which percentage of your pipeline has been consumed by deals at different levels of lead maturation.

The free plan provides access to custom-filtered lists as well as an overview of sales pipeline. The premium plan comes with these features, along with activity reports. Apart from these options The Teams and Enterprise plans also provide custom types of activity Advanced sales reporting as well as team reporting and custom reports using Google data studio.

Mobile Options

Smartphone users don’t have to worry about it. Thanks of Capsule’s Android and iOS modules which allow users to create leads and annotate them regardless of where they are. The mobile apps come with all the features that are available within the Web version such as the ability to view an ongoing stream of activity from coworkers as well as save and store leads’ information, be able to manage the calendar for CRM and book reservations there.

Plans and Pricing

The Professional tier is designed for smaller sales teams . It includes sales reports of a basic nature with unlimited cases as well as file storage of up to 10GB.

Its Team Plan, in contrast, holds as many as 100,000 contact (Professional’s limit is the 50,000 limit) and offers an up-to 20GB amount of space. Users can also export custom reports using Google Data Studio and to benefit from Advanced Sales Reporting, including modules that aren’t part of the reporting standard feature.

The Enterprise plan is able to hold 200 000 contacts and 40GB of storage and it also includes help with implementation, assistance with import as well as custom-designed training. dedicated customer success specialist, and continuous prioritised support.

Ease of Implementation and Use

Capsule CRM is one the easiest CRMs in the market. The entire CRM is housed in a handful of modules that include leads, calendars cases, reporting, cases, and reports.

It’s not difficult for administrators to set up as well. After connecting to the external mail server, and establishing access permissions, they are able to just begin adding users and create custom fields.

Customer Service

These tutorials provide written and illustrated instructions and assist users in resolving various problems. Support via live chat and phone are offered according to the plan.

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