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Gusto Review: Details, Features & Pricing

Gusto is a reliable payroll tool that lets you automate basic to more complex payroll tasks for contractors and employees alike. It makes the process of integrating new employees a simple process and assists you in avoiding mistakes that are made manually. Its user-friendly approach to managing payroll It’s the tool you’ll need to have in your corner to make sure your payroll workflow is smooth.

Gusto: The Good & The Bad

The Good

The full service payroll feature of Gusto’s complete-service payroll solution ensures that you’re equipped with all the tools to manage your payroll in just only a couple of clicks while benefiting from it’s automated capabilities. In addition to helping you manage payroll payments for employees, it lets you manage important HR functions, control benefits for employees, and reduce mistakes in tax filings.

Helps you manage employee benefit plans: Do you need to oversee dental, medical or vision insurance together with 401(k)s as well as health insurance reimbursements? Gusto can assist you in bringing on employees to a benefits program that is designed to meet the budget and size of your group. If you already have advantages, Gusto will move your plan to the new system for you. When employees have been hired, Gusto will auto-deduct from your payroll to facilitate administration of benefits.

Gusto offers time tracking. Its time tracking features are useful if you have hourly or remote employees. The time tracking tools for employees ensure that every employee’s time is tracked and then automatically is incorporated into the payroll. Additionally, you can utilize Gusto’s accounting integrations to tools such as Xero or Quickbooks for a simpler time costs for jobs.

The most robust tools for onboarding and hiring: Gusto doesn’t just stop with the calculation of payroll. It makes onboarding and hiring easier to manage by allowing you to design onboarding checklists and offers letters, and also the capability to sign and save all of your documents for onboarding online. It is possible to say goodbye to all your old-fashioned paperwork after you have set up your onboarding process so it can be integrated with your HR department.

Self-service for employees: Gusto cuts your HR team a bit of slack by giving your employees by providing them with self-service tools. Once they are onboarded, employees are able to visit the internet to view their pay slips as well as crucial tax documentation, make requests for time off and update their personal information whenever they change their personal information.

Tools for managing finances of employees One of our most loved Gusto features is the way they thought about employees during the entire process of paying their wages. Through Gusto Wallet, employees can keep track of their expenses by using financial tools to aid them in saving money and keeping track of how much they’re spending each cent. Gusto also provides an employee debit card that allows for quicker and easier access to cash.

Automated tax filing, whether you are a remote, in-house or hybrid teams, Gusto makes sure your federal and state tax filings remain up-to-date and up to date by utilizing an automated tax filing procedure. It reduces the chance of manual filings that are prone to errors and is up to date with the latest tax laws and ensures that your company does not pay the tax-related headaches. IRS charges.

Pay schedules with different frequencies: Gusto isn’t afraid to offer you a variety of options regarding pay schedules. You can design a variety of pay schedules for staff members on a week-long bi-weekly basis, semi-monthly, quarterly, monthly or even an annually. There aren’t many other payroll software solutions available can boast the same features.

Customize reports with Gusto it is easy to download a PDF or a CSV of the report you want to usefor example, a payroll report that you can customize by pay range dates, states and earnings, or job codes, or you’d like to review of your company’s contribution amount by generating a benefits report. Other reports include (but aren’t restricted to) agency payments, bank transactions Pay stubs, year-to-date reports and employee summary reports, contractor payments, and time off balances.

More About Gusto

Excellent user experience: Tools with lots of helpful features can be difficult to use, and not intuitive. Gusto’s dashboards and pages are user-friendly easy to use, simple, and aren’t a drag to use due to an overcrowded interface. This is the case in both payroll administration aspect as well as the employee-facing functions.

Affordable: Although Gusto isn’t able to compete on pricing, it offers reasonable plans for small and medium-sized companies or even larger. After you pay the basic price, you will have to pay a tiny amount per employee, based on the features you’d like access to.

There is a version that is only for contractors What happens if you wish to utilize Gusto however, you only deal with contractors? You don’t have to pay a minimum price for the tools you don’t use. Gusto offers a plan for contractors only that grants the ability to make unlimited contractor-related payments, self-service as well as the ability to create 1099 forms , and save them.

Integrates with the most popular business software: Gusto integrates with business tools that you’re likely already using. These include Zero, ZipBooks, Sheets, Slack, Shopify, and Hubstaff among others. just a few.

Support for customers who are responsive: Gusto doesn’t leave you with a dry rag when you’re enrolled into their system. No matter what plan you pick you’ll have access to professional experts who are waiting to help you solve any concerns.

Automated reminders: Handling payroll can be quite a task to manage especially when your workforce expands. Gusto Payroll uses automation for certain of its more powerful features, and then will set up and send you reminders whenever deadlines are near or something has to be done.

The Bad

There are no geo-tracking options: Geo-tracking is helpful if you manage field employees on an hourly basis or have remote teams. If you’re in that situation and are still looking to use Gusto for your pay software that you prefer, you might be required to think about the possibility of integrating a program that incorporates the geo-tracking aspect.

There is no mobile application: Despite Gusto’s flexibility, it’s yet to provide an app for mobile devices that allows mobile payroll and employee management. We hope that this will be something that will soon be released.

Payroll features are not global: Gusto doesn’t offer international features. It’s only available to it for employees working in the United States.

There are some limitations with Integrations Gusto comes with various integrations to track time and payroll, as well as accounting along with business operation. Some users would like Gusto was integrated with other tools such as Office365. In essence there are limits to the tools Gusto is able to integrate with. Be sure to check the integration options to ensure that Gusto is compatible with the existing systems you have.

Gusto Pricing and Options

Gusto uses the option of a monthly flat payment depending on how feature-rich you would like the Gusto user experience. In addition, you’ll are charged an additional amount per employee per month. Although Gusto isn’t a solution for payroll that has to compete on price like other options however, the features it offers are affordable for small and growing enterprises.

Here’s a quick overview of the pricing levels:

Core – $39/month base price plus $6 monthly per person

Complete Cost: $39 per month for cost of base plus $12 a month per person

Concierge – $149 monthly base cost, plus $12 a month per person

Contractor – $10 per month as base price plus $6 per month per person

Smaller groups can work by using Gusto’s core plan, as it offers complete payroll services in all 50 US states. The plan also includes a wide range of HR and onboarding options. Remember it is that Core plan is not equipped with specific permissions features and time tracking tools and solutions for managing documents.

Teams that are on the opposite side of the spectrum, who require complete access to all of Gusto’s capabilities should make use of Gusto’s Concierge program. It not only comes with access to HR certified experts as well as access to workforce and project management tracking tools, specific permission settings, as well as the HR Resource Center.

The great thing about Gusto is the fact it offers plans for solopreneurs as well as smaller teams operating on contracts. The Contractor tier provides access to the most important features including unlimited contractor payments, self-service for contractors as well as the capability to distribute and file 1099s at a cost of just $6 per month per person and there is no monthly flat fee.

This is a good option for businesses who wish to enjoy all the benefits of Gusto but do not need access to more sophisticated tools. It is possible to view a complete listing of the features included in your plan here.