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Scout Alarm Review

Scout Alarm is a revolutionary home security system that allows simple DIY installation and WiFi connection as well as constant access to mobile devices and control of the system. Scout Alarm systems are fully connected to smart home devices so that you can manage your entire home from a single application. The system is completely customizable, which means you can purchase only the items you require to be secure. There are no contracts to sign and professional monitoring is available 24 hours a day.

Scout Alarm was founded in 2013 when it became clear that an affordable and reliable homeowner security product was absent from the market. Scout Alarm has a simple mission statement: to create an affordable home security system that’s easy to use, straightforward and cost-effective. That’s exactly the job they’ve accomplished. Scout Alarm Systems are fully connected to smart home devices that are easy to use and affordable for all. 


Scout Alarm is equipped with some of the most popular features in home security systems that last into 2020. Here are a few benefits of this security system:

  • Access sensors

These small devices are helpful to ensure that people are not in an area, room or even the cabinet of the home. If the sensor and detector are in conflict the alarm is set off. This means that nobody will be able to unlock those doors without knowing about it.

  • Simple arm/disarming with the help of a sticker

Although this may not sound secure but it’s actually one the most effective features to date. Scout Alarm has an RFID sticker and key fob users can tap towards the sensor to turn on or off the alarm system. It’s quicker and simpler than typing into a code, or opening an app and it’s also able to be shared with your friends or relatives.

Other features you’ll enjoy by Scout Alarm are:

  • Variety of products available that can be ordered in a ‘la carte’ style
  • Sensors for environmental monitoring like smoke, water, and CO
  • Unlimited storage up to 14 days in the cloud
  • Night vision Infrared LED light cameras
  • No cancellation fees
  • Three-year guarantee on all devices
  • 60-day hassle-free return policy
  • Shipping is free on all orders that exceed $200.

Why Choose Scout Alarm

There’s a lot of things to like regarding Scout Alarm. First of all it makes home security simple to handle, in contrast to the other brands that produce an air of confusion and confusion about the entire topic. Scout Alarm systems are fully-DIY installation. Simply peel off a sticker , then press it to install.

Scout Alarm also has flexibility in its favor. You can purchase an already-built package if you aren’t sure what you require. You could also put together your home security system based upon the protection you require. This is a great option because it guarantees you only what you require and you don’t have to shell out for many extras.

Additionally, Scout Alarm offers month-to-month contracts. You’re not locked to a long-term contract prior to knowing the terms of your contract. That’s a good thing. With your plans and plans you’ll also be able to enjoy lots of freedom. You are able to select the colour and finish, as well as the degree of support you require and the actions your system will perform in terms of alarms, alerts and so on.

Security Services

Scout Alarm has some top-quality security products. The hub connects directly to your router, and talks to the sensors you purchase. The central panel comes with 4G cell and backup batteryso that you’re protected regardless of the electrical situation similar to. There are also a variety of monitoring devices, locks, and sensors that are available, such as:

  • The sensors that allow access to the internet we have mentioned
  • Motion sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Digital door locks that are smart and secure with a touchpad
  • Indoor cameras

As we mentioned earlier, you can select individual sensors and monitors for your own system together or purchase an Scout Pack. This is a package that includes all the typical products designed for different dimensions and layouts for your home.

Monitoring Services

Scout Alarm offers two monitoring plans: self-monitoring, called Always On and professional monitoring, known as Always On+. The plans can be purchased in monthly installments. If you purchase the plan in a year and you’ll be entitled to an additional 10% discount.


Scout Alarm systems fully integrate with the most well-known smart home gadgets and systems such as Google Nest, Phillips Hue lightbulbs Lifx, Google Home, and Amazon Echo. It is also possible to connect your alarm system to IFTTT to make the most simple automation that is possible. It’s more platforms than many home security systems use.

Mobile Readiness

Scout Alarm offers a dedicated mobile application to its customers. We were amazed by how simple it was to use. Here’s what you can accomplish using the application:

  • You can check your sensors from anyplace
  • Check out the feeds of activity
  • Access the entire system simultaneously
  • Create custom actions and notifications.
  • Make location-based actions
  • Make alternate contacts in case you’re unavailable.
  • Arm and dearm your system remotely
  • Access remotely granted

Help & Support

Scout Alarm customer support is one of its most sought-after features. Support staff are friendly and ready to address all questions. If you’re having difficulty installing and configuration, they’ll help you navigate the procedure with ease. The hours of support for emails and phones are 9 AM to 6 pm CT all seven days of the week. It is also possible to connect with an agent via Instant Messenger. Scout Alarm has a helpful knowledge base for those who prefer to tackle it yourself. It’s stuffed with user manuals, FAQs along with troubleshooting and troubleshooting tips, and much more.

In case that’s not enough Scout Alarm even provides videos with detailed instructions on their Support pages. The videos provide brief detailed, clear, and precise instructions on how to accomplish everything from installing a motion sensor , to the use of the Scout RFID key fob to swipe. The bottom line is that Scout Alarm has thought of every aspect and strives to provide the most complete and helpful assistance and support for all users.

Scout installation

Installation is up to you

Also, the Scout Alarm system is DIY. The alarms come with an adhesive backing, which means you do not require an instrument like a screwdriver.

Scout installation steps:

  • Download the app, or go to the site and read the steps to set up an account.
  • Connect the hub to the computer.
  • Connect the hub for Wi-Fi.
  • Input the code for installation in the field provided on the app or the website.
  • Connect the hub to the account.
  • Follow the online directions to connect the other components of the system.

Scout provides a wealth of videos and information to help customers. It is also possible to contact the customer service team if you are lost.

Also it is possible to assign the installation to a trusted person in the event that you aren’t confident you’re capable of doing it yourself.

Bottom line

Scout Alarm is a new child on the block and a lot of people are hesitant to get on board. After reading the reviews, trying out the product, and seeing it perform and perform, we are able to give it a thumbs up. Scout Alarm makes home security simple by providing month-to-month contracts, custom packages, and even DIY stick-on installations. In addition Scout Alarm excels in offering top-quality home security through a variety of top-quality sensors and equipment, expert 24/7 monitoring and excellent customer support. Add to that affordable plans as well. Scout Alarm is racing towards the top of the home security ladder.