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Blue by ADT Review

If you’re looking to secure your home with an infrared security camera that’s top of the line or to build a bulletproof house security system from scratch Blue by ADT will be your ultimate source which can satisfy all your security requirements for your home. The impressive selection of products includes everything you need to secure your home, no matter if you live by yourself or have roommates. There’s no need for a doorman!

Like the name implies, Blue is a brand owned by ADT is a trademark of ADT. The headquarters are located at Boca Raton, Florida, ADT employs around 20,000 people employed. It has been among the top US security and monitoring companies since its inception over 150 years in the past. ADT is listed with the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol, which is a guess.

Ideal For 

  • People who want a strict home security but aren’t able to commit for a long time to their current lease.
  • Customers who simply wish to establish an on-premise video monitoring system but aren’t ready to purchase the installation process or professionally-monitored video monitoring packages.
  • Homeowners who can always monitor their video feed for alerts don’t require more than one day of video storage.

Why Choose Blue by ADT

Modular Systems

  • Blue by ADT lets users build their own system for home surveillance. If you have a unique home designs, there’s no reason to stick with standard configurations. In fact, Blue by ADT allows homeowners and renters to build the perfect assortment of cameras, sensors and other devices to safeguard the home of their loved ones.
    The 15 devices in the catalog of modular devices comprises:


    • Door sensors
    • Window sensors
    • Motion sensors that are pet-friendly.
    • Temperature, fire, as well as flood sensors to give an the early warning of a catastrophe
  • Blue by ADT also offers high-quality cameras that guard and monitor any possible setting The company provides weatherproof , rugged outdoor cameras and mini cameras that be attached to doorbells, as well as indoor cameras, such as the Fido camera, that are great to monitor the movements of children. For properties with more space Users don’t have to be concerned about the availability of networks thanks Blue Extender, Blue by ADT’s own WiFi range extender.

Security Services

Blue by ADT extends its parent brand’s monitoring capabilities. Customers can choose to have an entirely self-built and monitored system, or sign up to the company’s 24-hour professional monitoring plan. The self-monitoring system offers full DIY home surveillance, including a day’s video storage. In contrast to ADT’s monthly contract, Blue by ADT allows users to set up the system without having to sign any type of contract. If you truly want to rest well in the night, it’s worth the investment into the 24-hour Professional Monitoring program. The Professional package permits users to connect their monitored residences to three professional, staffed around the clock monitoring centers where security personnel are able to access live video feeds and send emergencies to the customers and officials via 3 communication channels. Additionally, those that subscribe to the Professional tier get pet protection, panic and duress modes, and receive constant monitoring against a litany of natural disasters that might threaten their properties–including fire, flood, and the odorless but deadly carbon monoxide (CO) gas. Customers who subscribe to the Professional tier will also connect with the ADT monitoring team via cell and WiFi as well as via text. This means that when there is power outage , homeowners can receive distress messages via SMS.

Emergency Dispatch

If an alert occurs in the event of an alert, the security team will contact everyone on the list of Blue by ADT customers using preset Emergency contact number. If the security team tries to contact several emergency contacts following a verified security incident but fails the team will swiftly send local emergency services to the scene. In addition, users receive the hardware panic button as well as duress codes which can be used to instantly alert the team monitoring that an emergency is underway. If you’re in a hurry and you need to help you save your day or your home.


The Blue ADT devices can be bought by themselves, assembled in kits or purchased as kits that are pre-configured. The price of the components varies between $49.99 (Blue Extender with Chime) all the way the range of $199.99 (Blue Outdoor Camera). Security systems that you build yourself begin at $109.19 and the (pre-assembled) 8-piece doorbell camera set-up costs $349.99. Self monitoring is provided with purchase of the equipment and comes with a day of video storage that is designed to help in DIY security at home. With self monitoring, customers are provided with a layer of protection.

The professional monitoring plan for 24/7 costs $19.99 per month, plus tax. It includes 30 days of video storage . It also expands connectivity to include two additional alternatives (cellular as well as text). Customers can also connect to three ADT monitoring centers, which will provide emergency assistance when needed. The limit on storage for videos is also increased up to 30 days. If you’re looking to invest in the best protection and monitoring, the 24-hour professional service is an easy choice. In terms of the high-end equipment offered, which includes top-of-the-line sensors and cameras, the catalogue is reasonably priced, whether customers decide to construct the system themselves or select an already-configured layout.


While Blue by ADT as a Blue by ADT system in general isn’t interoperable to other devices but the components of its hardware and sensors are, however, users must verify the compatibility of each component prior to purchasing the system to ensure that it is compatible with other smart devices. The Blue, a DDT is a 24/7 streaming smart outdoor camera for example, is compatible in conjunction with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. Advanced components can also function together in conjunction with Google Assistant along with Apple HomeKit.

Mobile Readiness

For those who would like to monitor their security cameras in their homes when on the move, Blue by ADT offers apps for Android as well as iOS. They can be downloaded from Google Play Store and iTunes. Google Play Store and iTunes as well. With the mobile applications users are able to access the entire array of functions that the system offers as well as being capable of live streaming as well as record and snap photos of every camera within the premises. Mobile users also have the ability to alter the operating status of any smart device within the home, such as switching off or on lights as well as locking and unlocking doors, and even changing the thermostat.

Help & Support

Blue by ADT offers extremely useful online support tools that are specifically tailored to the needs of its clients. The online tutorials include the information homeowners may require to get their system running and to troubleshoot malfunctioning devices or alerts.

The variety of subjects that support center articles Support Center articles cover includes:

  • Starting Guides to help you set the system up
  • Specific installation instructions for each camera, sensor and other device that is part of the Blue By ADT catalog
  • Full policy details including Plain language Terms of Sale and the Terms of Service, as and an Return Policy, as well as the specifics of when the non-returned equipment Fee will be charged.
  • Instructions for users for both the portal on the internet and the mobile applications.

Furthermore, the team has a phone number based in the United States and the email addresses. Support is available to all Blue users, however, only subscribers who are Professional can reach the support team that is staffed by experts in the event of an unintentional system condition being discovered.

Bottom line

Blue by ADT can be used by anyone–even short-term renters–to have access to some of the latest home security solutions available. Customers can create their own system by picking from ADT’s 15 sensors or choosing a pre-configured package. The monitoring system for professionals has been monitored 24/7 basis by trained professionals who dispatch emergency assistance in the event there is no response to any of the emergency contact.