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Freshsales Review – See The True Nature Of CRM Software

Freshsales (formerly Freshworks CRM) is an all-inclusive sales force automation software for teams of sales. It allows you to easily monitor pipelines and manage individual accounts. It’s smart Freddy AI, which helps salespersons gain insight into the most profitable deals to pursue and the best actions to do and how to predict revenue using forecasting sales. Freshsales is a great solution for companies with up to 5,000 contact to manage leads from sales.

Freshsales CRM is an Enterprise-Ready version which can accommodate up to 5,000 users . It makes use of the potential AI (AI) to allow users to achieve more using fewer internal resources. It also allows for an easy lifecycle stage display so that sales staff can effortlessly track the progress of deals through the pipeline. By drag and drop users can shift an open stage through to being contacted and qualified for example.

Tools for Customer Support Teams

Through Freshsales, sales professionals can access virtually all communications channels that a company can use to stay in contact with their customers.

Channels that are able to be integrated into CRM are:

  • Email
  • Telephone (call recording and call logs)
  • Live chat
  • WhatsApp Business
  • Apple Business Chat
  • SMS

While Freshsales does not specifically provide ticketing or support for customers, companies operating a more informal support department could benefit from these integrations to assist customers with problems.


Furthermore, Freshsales seamlessly integrates with Freshdesk which is Freshworks the customer support system. It allows agent annotations and support tickets to be incorporated into customer’s CRM records. It is obvious that once the sales team is conscious of the issues that the customer has had their satisfaction with the service is likely to increase.

Tools for Marketing Teams

Freshsales is a collection different marketing automation software created to make it simpler for marketing personnel to collaborate with sales personnel to cultivate leads and turn them into leads.

This includes:

A Segmentation Builder

Utilizing Freshsales, clients can group CRM leads based on the criteria for qualification, resulting in market segments that can then be utilized to market outbound including mass email or SMS. Segmentation is on the basis of customer information like income, gender and age, among other information that are stored in the software.

Marketing Sequences

With sales sequences, customers are able to quickly and efficiently select leads to be enrolled in the automated process. To use the feature have to click on their desired leads in the leads or filter view and then click “add to sequence.” Sequences may be created using traditional rules, or they could also be “smart sequences” with touchpoints activated in response to the actions of customers.

Tools for Sales Teams

Freddy AI Lead Scoring

Wouldn’t you love it to have your CRM with an additional person to assist you in managing your pipeline? What about one that has the capacity to automatically rate prospects based on more than 30000 model-based machine learning techniques? Don’t think about it anymore. Freshsales’ artificial intelligence engine Freddy will do of this and more. Freddy not only harnesses the power of sophisticated learning models, but it’s continually learning from the information fed to it by the CRM system to better identify the likelihood and relevance of leads becoming paying customers. Furthermore, Freddy can analyze past interactions with leads to anticipate what the next contract should be.

Freddy can also offer insights regarding ways to engage sales teams. For example in our test of the program, Freddy prompted us to take care of the lead. Feedback, offered by a thumbs-up/thumbs-down survey, continues to feed information in Freddy’s AI engine. As a result, Freddy grows better and more efficient in aiding your sales team in running their business.

Enriched Contact View

Freshsales lets users enhance the default contact view by adding more information about the lead that can be taken from the web including social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This creates the user with a better experience leads by collating all the information they have on them onto one single page. Because the CRM integrates with Freshdesk and support data can be synchronized to the lead pages, users will get all the data they require right in front of them.

Customization and Integrations 

Freshsales is an extremely customizable CRM with an extensive integration library that is able to extend the basic capabilities of the program. The Freshworks marketplace is home to more than 100 applications that you can connect to grow your business more quickly. The list of applications it is able to integrate with includes:

  • Mailchimp for mass email marketing
  • Freshdesk for customer support, helpdesk and ticketing
  • Google Calendar for appointment reservation

Customers can also use Zapier to connect the CRM with a variety of cloud-based software programs.

Reporting and Dashboards

Freshsales is an extremely powerful dashboard and analytics generation engine capable of creating reports and dashboards that are based on CRM data. A few of these are prepopulated, However, customers are free to design their own using information from the CRM. For instance, the prepopulated emails dashboard offers a sweeping view of all outbound email activities and possible KPIs, such as emails that are opened, unsubscribes, and bounced emails. If users prefer to use pre-populated templates or wish to put themselves up reports of their own There’s plenty of features within the tool to experiment with.

Mobile Options

Freshsales offers mobile apps that are compatible with the platforms iOS and Android that are available on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Mobile versions of the cloud app provide the same functionality to sales representatives on the move. The Android application has a 4.5-star rating and more than 100 reviews. While the Apple application is a 4.1 review and 100 ratings.

Plans and Pricing

Freshsales can be purchased at 3 paid tiers: Growth, Pro, and Enterprise. The Growth tier customers are provided with the base package of features. Those who are on Pro plans, which is that is for teams with larger numbers, will receive an answer bot as well as an automated lead generation tool (both operated by artificial intelligence Freddy)–among many other options. Enterprise customers get the best features like customized domains and call recording opt-in, or opt-out, forecasting insight and holiday-time-specific routing.

Ease of Implementation and Use

The process of setting up Freshsales is easy for even small IT teams, as it is designed for “live” in the cloud. New users must configure the basic parameters of their company, such as where they’re located and the currency they use for billing. The CRM will then be fully functional.

Customer Service

Users who need to contact support need assistance can reach Freshsales Support through its dedicated Support URL. Support is provided by the team via a number, and has an automated ticketing system to assist users solve problems. The majority of users are able to assist themselves. This is because of the vast collection of video-based resources as well as documents written in text created by the Team created. The topics covered range from the creation of sales sequences to setting up workflows and customizing layouts. Enterprise customers also have an account manager that is dedicated to help them resolve any issues they face.

Bottom Line

Freshsales is a great option that is unique from the crowd of CRMs because of its use of AI to improve the marketing and sales workflows.

This multi-faceted tool puts Freddy’s unheard-of pair of hands at work to help your marketing and sales team get the most everyday work in the office or out on the road.

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