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Co By Colgate Review- New Teeth Whitening Kit

A twice-daily brush is not enough to protect your teeth. The new CO. Colgate’s Supernova Rechargeable at-Home Teeth Whitening kit makes it easy to transform your enamel from dull to bright. Lior Tamir, DDS, a cosmetic dentist with 12 years’ experience, said that the main difference between home and in-office bleaching is how strong peroxide. “Typically, you can use a 10- or 12% peroxide at home. It’s safe unless you drink the gel. In the office, we use a 40% bleach solution. This can cause chemical burns.

Even with my teeth sensitivity, CO. by Colgate worked

Personally, I have never liked teeth whitening. Despite being a coffee addict almost every day, I have never been a fan of teeth whitening. Teeth whitening kits are one of the most popular Amazon Prime Day items. However, my sensitive teeth caused me to be cautious. My front tooth was chipped when I was four years of age, during my prima-ballerina days of spinning and tiling on the kitchen tile floor. It has subtle discoloration as a result.

I was nervous about buying products that claimed to whiten my teeth to a paper-white shine, because I didn’t believe that one tooth would be as bright as the rest. Yes, I have tried all kinds of teeth whiteners. There were custom molds made by my dentist that cost upwards $300, brightening toothpastes, and TikTok-promoted products everyone just wantedto steal. None of them worked as I expected.

I tried CO. by Colgate for one week. Each morning, when I looked in the mirror, I felt more confident and refreshed. I couldn’t stop smiling.

How CO. by Colgate works

CO. by Colgate includes an LED teeth-whitening device that looks like a mouthguard and a whitening brush with a 3% hydrogen peroxide serum. This is enough to do four cycles of seven days. The LED charging case with a USB cord and USB cable are super convenient. I connected mine at work to my USB-C hub.

Here’s how CO. by Colgate operates:

  • Charge your SuperNovaLED device for at minimum four hours. The power button blinks green while it charges and stays green when it is fully charged.
  • Brush your teeth prior to whitening. It is important to get rid of all plaque and prepare your teeth in preparation for the whitening treatment. The serum will absorb better if your top rows of teeth are dry.
  • Click the It’s Lit button! Whitening Wand approximately twenty times: It will take a lot of clicking to get the first use, but it’ll be worth it. As per the package instructions, wait until a droplet of serum appears on your brush tip. Then, brush a layer of whitening gel onto each tooth. For a clear coating, wait for between 10 and 15 seconds.
  • To activate the serum, turn on the device. After five minutes, the light will go out and it will beep again.
  • Use water to clean the whitening device and dry the tissue.

It’s important to remember that the serum can be used for as many as four teeth with just one or two clicks. You shouldn’t feel any tingling sensation or contact with your gums while applying the serum.

What You Get

SuperNova ($129), the brand’s flagship product, is an at-home whitening kit. It includes a rechargeable LED tooth whitening tool, a charging case and a USB cord. According to the company’s website, the whitening wand includes the hydrogen peroxide serum. When used for 10 minutes per day with the LED device, it will whiten your teeth in ten days. This product is safe for tooth enamel and spot-applied so tooth sensitivity shouldn’t be an issue. Another product combination includes a toothbrush, toothpaste and CO.’s award winning mouth rinse.

Are teeth whiteners safe?

According to Dr. Tamir the CO. by Colgate hydrogen peroxide count was “very low,” but it is more on safety. He says that most bleach is the same. CO. Colgate is great for sensitive gums and teeth. Dr. Lowenberg stated that FDA approval is a sign that the ingredients in the product are safe. Avoid products containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. The harshness of this chemical can cause microscopic damage to your oral tissue, causing Canker Sores. Dr. Lowenberg says that people with sensitive teeth or receding gums should use only whiteners containing a low amount of hydrogen peroxide.

How long will I see results from teeth whitening?

Dr. Tamir stated that the longevity of the results depends on your lifestyle and how much red wine or coffee you consume. Professional bleaching can provide excellent results for many months. If you drink coffee every day, the results will revert back to normal much quicker. Instead of drinking coffee for four hours, I advise patients to drink it for only half an hour and brush immediately to remove any stains.

He also notes that some people’s enamel has more texture, which attracts more staining.

How often should I use a teeth whitener?

Dr. Tamir stated that he recommends in-office bleaching for patients who want whiter teeth. Then, he will make them trays so they can bleach their teeth every 2 to 3 weeks. To achieve the desired shade, he recommends that you whiten your teeth at least once per week. Dr. Lowenberg says that while it varies from patient-to-patient, we generally recommend that in-office bleaching be done no more than once per year. “Over-the-counter products may be used more often.”

How do I maintain the whiteness of my teeth during and after treatment?

Dr. Tamir says, “You need to have a maintenance program and think about your lifestyle choices — can you have coffee with a straw or limit your red wine intake?” Veneers are a good option if you don’t want the hassle of maintaining your teeth.

How does in-store whitening compare to professional whitening?

Dr. Tamir stated that professional trays can be customized and are scalloped to the tissue so you can use stronger bleach at home without injuring any gums. Chemical burns can occur if bleach is left on the gums too long. Custom trays will allow you to clean the tissue and keep it from getting stained.

Crest Whitestrips can cause tissue damage, because they aren’t made for your specific teeth. Chemical burns can be painful, even though they heal quickly.


Single payment -Products range from an $8 toothbrush to a $100 electric toothbrush. Toothpaste and mouthwash cost around $14. The whitening wand costs $25 and a whitening kit costs $129. 

(Payment plan)

Subscription is available for some items 

  1. offers regular discounts and free shipping via their social channels, their website, or their exclusive retailer Ulta.
  2. offers Advocate Rewards, which allows you to receive significant discounts for referring a friend who orders.
  3. allows you to subscribe to their products at the frequency you think you will use them. Subscribing does not save you money on the product’s cost.


CO. says that if you use the whitening wand for 10 minutes per day for ten consecutive days, your teeth will become up to six shades whiter. This is similar to professional dental whitening. The results can last for up to six months if they are properly maintained with toothpaste and mouth rinse, and retouched with the whitening tool as necessary. CO. recommends that you use the whitening device at least four times per year in order to keep your smile white.

Customer Service

offers a comprehensive and well-organized FAQ section on their website that answers dozens of questions about its products and the entire product line. For assistance, you can contact CO. via live chat, text or telephone between Sun and Fri, 8 am to 8 PM ET. They can also be reached by email at any hour.  Support and tutorials are also available on the brand’s social media channels. There is an active presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Customers are encouraged and encouraged to share their experiences with CO., becoming part the community.

The bottom line

Although the price is a little high, CO. Colgate is a great brand. It costs $200 less than professional bleaching, which I didn’t find to be as effective. However, it is a step above other brands that I have tested. It’s also a thousand times less expensive than professional bonding.