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Top 10 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites of 2022
Best for Psychic Specialist
  • First 3 Minutes are Free
  •  Keen offers chat or call options
  •  It is very easy to use
  •  Start at $1.99/Minute
  • Best Astrologer in Tarot, Love & Relationships, Life Questions
🏆 9.8
Best for Psychic Specialist
  •  Starts at $1/min
  • Full Money Back Guarantee
  •  Great Customer Service
  • Payment Accepted via credit card, debit card & paypal
  •  Get Psychic Readings over a phone call or live chat
🏆 9.8
Best for Psychic Specialist
  •  Price starts at $4.99 – $15 / min.
  •  Special offer from Psychic source (3 min. free) $1 / min.
  • Best Customer Service
  •  It’s very easy to use
  • Reliable and trustworthy psychics
🏆 9.8
Best for Psychic Specialist
  •  You will get feature of face-to-face video sessions, phone & Live chat
  • Get plenty of psychic reading methods
  • Detailed Psychic Profile
  •  Prices range from $0.99 per minute up to $14.99 per minute
  • Easy to use
🏆 9.8
Best for Psychic Specialist
  •  Get Discount Readings
  •  Best Variety of services
  • Starts at $1/Min
  • 24/7 Support Available
  • Get your first 3 Minutes Free
🏆 9.8
Best for Psychic Specialist
  •  Its start at $2/Minute
  •  A 10-minute reading, the intro price is $5
  •  24/7 Support Available
  •  Loyalty Rewards Program Available
  •  Top Quality Reading
🏆 9.8
Best for Psychic Specialist
  • Best for Online Palm Reading
  •  Platform works on credit basis
  •  Get $9.99 free credits registering on the site
  • Its very easy to use
  • It’s start from 0.39$/m
🏆 9.8
Best for Psychic Specialist
  • Get in Depth information with Astrology
  •  Price ranges between $6.95 to $24.95
  • Get Deal Now
  • Support is available
  • Birth Chart Analysis available
🏆 9.8
Best for Psychic Specialist
  •  It is available in 42 Languages
  • Improved accuracy
  • It starts at $59
  • Get Access More than 15.7 billion historical records
  • It has database of more than 96 Million User
🏆 9.8


Keen is a trusted psychic network that includes spiritual advisors. They aim to help people live the most fulfilling lives possible through their guidance and clairvoyant abilities. Since 1999, they have been helping people find answers to their burning questions, give meaning to their lives and better understand their own selves.
Keen has a variety of psychic advisors available, each with their own unique abilities. Keen can help you find the answers you need, no matter what kind of questions you have. You can choose from a variety of services, including psychic readings and astrological insights.

California Psychics

California Psychics is a top-rated psychic service. California Psychics offers something for everyone, whether it’s for its wide range of reading tools and methods or the plethora of additional content like horoscopes, blog articles, and more. The site values customer relationships and makes every effort to maintain long-term satisfaction and quality services. To see how dedicated they are, check out their FAQ pages and Karma Rewards program. California Psychics has one drawback. As with any high-quality service of this quality, users should expect to pay a little more. Although the site offers a $1 per minute introductory offer for a 20-minute reading (this only applies to the lowest tier of psychics), it is not a good deal. Premium psychics can be purchased for as high as $4 per minute, and they are not available during the introductory offer. CA Psychics has a variety of services that will ensure that users can find the right service for them.

Psychic Source

Psychic Source’s website reveals the company’s true commitment to providing quality psychic services. The site offers advanced filtering options that allow users to narrow down the number of psychics and deep reader profiles. This allows them to quickly find the right match for their needs. You will find useful information in the profiles, including what type of readings they do and how they use them. There are even keywords that describe their personality. This is very helpful when you’re trying to find a psychic who has the right communication style. Psychic Source offers exceptional customer service, in addition to their excellent methods of connecting users to the right psychics. The satisfaction guarantee that a call with a new psychic won’t go unanswered, and customers can also benefit from the rewards program. This helps them build great relationships with psychics over time. Psychic Source also has a 24/7 live chat support team that is available to help with any issues regarding call quality or video. You can also find answers to almost all questions on the site’s FAQ pages.

Purple Garden

Purple Garden is a mobile psychic app and site that offers voice, video and chat readings by some of the best, most trustworthy and accurate psychics in this industry. Purple Garden is available for Android and iOS devices. It gives you quick and easy access to answers to your life’s most pressing questions, such as about money, love, career, death, and many other topics.


Kasamba looks great for online psychic services. Users will find the right information quickly and easily with hundreds of readers, many of whom are active online at times unlike other sites. Kasamba offers better customer service and is more accessible than other sites. Kasamba is a great site for coupon enthusiasts, as they regularly send out promo codes via email to enable users to get discounted readings. Kasamba’s rates are generally higher than those on other sites, and can fluctuate greatly from day to day. While you may be able to find a real psychic on Kasamba’s site, the policies and practices of Kasamba seem to be more geared towards attracting as many advisors to provide scripted coaching.

Psychic Center

Although PsychicCenter doesn’t offer as many reading options as other online psychic services, it offers high-quality experiences to its users. This is an introduction to the site, and it will continue to grow in visibility as customers use it more. You will find promotions throughout the year. There are also special birthday bonuses. The AstroRewards program continuously credits 10% of the previous month’s money to your account. Although there isn’t much on PsychicCenter’s site, or an app that allows you to connect with readers, the site’s simplicity makes it simple for those who don’t mind reading a lot and are happy to just get to the point. PsychicCenter offers quality readings at a fair price. It has insightful readers who have been rated and screened by real users.


Oranum claims to be a spiritual community. A quick review of their services demonstrates this fact. There are many services offered by psychics and healers, including traditional love advice, sound therapies, dream interpretation and angel communication. There are many psychics, and they all have different practices. If you feel overwhelmed by scrolling through their profiles click on the Top 100 Live Psychics feature to see a helpful curated list.

My heritage

MyHeritage offers the two most powerful tools for genealogical research: cutting-edge genetic testing and the best family tree services in the industry. MyHeritage’s DNA test kit has become one of the most popular kits, due to its affordability and features. You can also easily research your family tree with a MyHeritage subscription. MyHeritage offers a DNA testing kit with over 40 genetic regions, allowing you to learn about your ethnicity and pinpoint your ancestors. You also have access to the company’s data centers for quick access to their family history information.