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Best family Tree Makers

The most effective genealogy maker can be an effective tool to explore your family’s ancestry and history. From finding relatives from the past as well as those who are alive today, to examining the future There are many options to choose from.

It’s possible that you’re new to the world of genealogy or maybe you’ve been doing research on that family tree over many years. Whatever the case, the top family tree builders can improve the look of your family tree to give you additional historical data.

There are also people who use your DNA to collect health information, however for this specific purpose, it is best to look into the top tests for DNA kits(opens in a new tab). There are various software versions that you can install as well as those which are available online The latter provides the greatest depth of records on the internet, but it’s not a siloed. To find more options online, the most popular genealogy websites(opens in a new page) can help. If you’re interested in knowing more about the differences between genealogy websites that are online and software that can be downloaded and then installed read down to the end of this page for more information.

Accuracy ratings are a crucial quality control feature to be aware of and so is the output system. Some family tree makers may appear somewhat outdated and if you’re looking to convert your photos into something more user-friendly and appealing, you can make use of the top book of photos(opens in a new tab). An excellent option to share your photos with friends.

1. Family Historian 7: Best family tree maker overall

Family Historian is one the most well-known brands in genealogy software – and it’s not without reason. We’ve tested the program by importing GEDCOM data, it did a great job, precisely interpret difficult data in relation to polygamist marriages and marriages that are same-sex. Many other software programs had difficulty interpreting these kinds of relationships that’s why Family Historian is able to claim the top spot on our ranking.

It also features an intuitive interface that allows you to swiftly and efficiently insert data and pictures to your vast family tree. The fact that it connects to online databases like MyHeritage is an extremely powerful tool for genealogy. It is common to see nudges or suggestions on your tree in the event that the software believes it’s found some distant ancestor to whom it may be connected to.

A new version to the program has introduced several needed updates. There are now additional options for formatting text and can alter things like text color and size. Additionally, there are new tools designed for serious genealogists, including sources, citations and flow of data and a wide selection of new languages.

There are two major issues we’ve seen in the program: it has an outdated design and isn’t accessible on smartphones, or Macs. Family tree makers typically use outdated interfaces, and we’ve not considered this a problem with the software. However, if you’re someone who would like to access your family tree whenever you want through your phone or the Apple device, then you may need to choose our second-favorite family tree-making software.

2. Ancestry: Best online family tree maker

There are a variety of specific software applications for creating tree of family members, we discovered that one of the most straightforward to use is included in the Ancestry subscription. It also has the benefit of allowing you to create your family tree your family tree as you go through research in the same program and also allowing you to start by working on the tree first. Beginning with an initial family tree beginning with yourself and your parents and grandparents is often a good way to generate matches within Ancestry That show up as leaves within your tree. By clicking on these leaves, you lead you to information on Ancestry which can help you add to your tree. This means you can research as creating your actual tree. You also have the option of entering all information manually, or through GEDCOM files, too.

Ancestry comes with a myriad of tools for research as well as the tree builder is extremely simple to use. It’s mostly useful, and not something you print and put on a wall. That’s why we’ve not put it in the top position in our guide. It’s true that you can download it for sharing and fill it up with photos and information similar to what other family tree software allows you to do, however, it’s not very attractive.

We love the ease of use, and even if you’re not searching for an actual copy of your family tree We highly recommend Ancestry since it’s the most efficient software available for making and studying the tree.

3. Family Tree Heritage Gold: Best family tree maker for collaborative projects

With the capability of working together, and also transferring GEDCOM data, Family Tree Heritage Gold is an excellent choice for an online family tree creator. It is heavily connected to the FamilySearch site and can connect its records to those that you’ve found on the site, however even though it can transmit a search query to other websites, such as Ancestry The addition of records from other sources is a manual procedure.

The ability of the app to display your data in various ways, ranging from the traditional tree to names on lists, and even views that are focused on particular people is a great feature. The option to save images, documents, or even audio clips to create a scrapbook is an excellent feature.

What really brings Family Tree Heritage Gold down is the unwieldy interface, that is in dire need of an update to an upgrade to Windows 10 era. The toolbar is filled with buttons that appear to duplicate each other (what’s different in Find and Search is it?) and the process of creating an account with a FamilySearch account through the application isn’t working at all. There’s plenty of assistance, but the developer’s website has tutorials that guide you through all of the typical tasks involved in creating a family tree.

In addition to the collaborative features Along with the collaborative functionality, the app’s numerous ways to display data are sure to draw people to Family Tree Heritage Gold. After you’ve created your family tree, you can focus on specific individuals and then fill in their entry with lots of fascinating details about their lives and connections.

4. Legacy Family Tree: Best family tree maker for accurate imports

Legacy Family Tree did well in the tests due to its superior data management tools and tools for research. The interface is outdated and the site is horrible, but it’s user-friendly and simple to use. The most important thing is that Legacy Family Tree was one of two programs that had 100 100% precision for GEDCOM tests. This, in conjunction with its low cost makes it a great price family tree maker.

When we conducted the GEDCOM test of import, we utilized four genealogical records to determine the accuracy of each program’s interpretation of the GEDCOM format, which is a universal genealogical format. Legacy Family Tree and Family Historian were the only two programs which scored perfect.

Legacy Family Tree gets top-marks for data entry and navigation The interface is simple and doesn’t seem to be overwhelming like other programs we looked at. It’s simple to organize information, particularly when you have so much information to lose yourself in. We also appreciate the automated warnings the program gives you when you input information that could be incorrect for example, when a parent was either too young at the time of the marriage date or in death.

5. Family Tree Maker: Best family tree maker for beginners

Family Tree Maker is a fantastic tool to compile families for free. it has seen some major enhancements in the latest version. What’s new with the most recent version? You can undo the last 1000 modifications (called”Turn Back Time), and there’s a cloud-based service which lets you save your trees online, and let several users edit it. There are also smaller data fields such as historical weather information and next of kin info which were absent from the 2017 version before.

The tests we conducted showed Family Tree Maker performed excellently in terms of efficiency for data entry Scrapbooking tools, user-friendliness and speed of use. The majority of features don’t require you to start new windows, which eliminates the chance of becoming lost in the sea of information. Charting is also simple, and if you’ve never tried software similar to this before the learning curve is relatively low. Scrapbooking options are located at high on the screen and allows you to include images, videos, and other materials to tell the family’s history.

On the other hand it is pricey. There aren’t any warnings if it feels that the information you input is not accurate and there’s an issue in this MacKiev website. When you try to purchase Family Tree Maker you are presented with messages that seem to be unstoppable, urging users to purchase accessories. We even laughed after a total of 20 additional add-ons, we were offered the opportunity to buy an Ancestry Mug before we could look around. Absolutely one of the worst shopping experiences we’ve had on any site.

6. MyHeritage: Best family tree maker for free printing options

If you’re interested in getting an understanding of the process of making a family tree, The Family Tree Builder app from MyHeritage is a great starting point. It’s free to sign-up and you can share as many or as little details at the beginning, such as photographs and notes on physical descriptions. When you’ve built your tree, you can zoom in on specific individuals and fill their records with additional information.

The interface is like Windows 95 but is nonetheless quite user-friendly and includes helpful tips to help you (including Smart Matches which flag matches with relatives on your own family tree, and other people’s family tree) as well as the ability of entering all information manually, or through GEDCOM files. An additional benefit is the option to view the print-ready family tree in various formats to display on your wall. There is also the option to purchase a DNA test kit to discover your family’s ethnic background.

The integration of Family Tree Builder with databases online can make it an effective genealogy tool that will assist you in finding new family connections, the drawback is that in order to link to any results from a search, you’ll have to pay. The database contains 13 billion entries available, so even if you don’t have many details about a person you may have a tough to locate them. It’s not among the top genealogy tools but it’s a great introduction tool.

7. FamilySearch: Best free family tree maker

If you’re looking to create a basic family tree and you don’t have to conduct any additional research, FamilySearch is an excellent choice. It’s completely free to sign up and you don’t have to share all of your personal details when you first sign up there, making it ideal for those who are interested in genealogy. Recent updates on the website let you look at the family trees in many ways right now including portrait, landscape, by the descendants, or even in a fan-like arrangement like the one above.

We tested it using the family background of a staff member and it really had a hard time expressing the concept of step-siblings and divorce as well as other family dynamics that aren’t typical. Recent changes have made it clear that it’s now possible to establish these relationships however it’s not an easy task. We also found it to be severely insufficient when it comes to additional suggestions and details – certainly something that should be paired with other research sources (although it’s not recommended if it’s free to use the family tree maker available on Ancestry Why would you make use of it? ).

Although it’s completely absolutely free, we wouldn’t suggest this to those who are experienced in genealogy and are looking to combine all their information together. Start with it, and get knack of making trees, and then upgrade to something that is more flexible and has more options.

How we tested family tree makers

We utilized a range of GEDCOM files to test the ability of the family tree maker. We uploaded the family histories of Irish monarchs as well as U.S. presidents, along with the details of our families. The first two sets GEDCOM files were intentionally massive and complicated, whereas the family histories of our own families were smaller but had more complicated relationships (such as marriages between same genders and polygamist relations.)

Two programs were the only ones in a position to correctly interpret the data files perfectly: Family Historian and Legacy Family Tree. Other programs had difficulty handling the volume of data. certain programs completely deleted the data if it was not happy with a particular entry and other programs retained the data, but hadn’t precisely formatted it. This is why we often were required to create connections and relationships manually.

We also analyzed how easy each program is by examining its interface design and the data entry procedure. The most user-friendly programs are completely modeless and don’t require you to open a separate window for each tool or feature you’d like to use. Instead, you input data through an interface with floating tabs and modules that can be adjusted in the same window. This method requires less mouse clicks and therefore saves time. Overall, the interfaces with no mode offer a lower learning curve and can help beginners become proficient faster. Additionally, we analyzed the capabilities of these programs to chart and scrapbooking tools that enable you to collect and arrange images as well as other data that isn’t typical.

Family trees and how they work

You might have encountered a family tree and was named so because of the branches-like connections between family members. Start with yourself starting at the bottom, and then work upwards and outwards to create this tree-like end. The top of the tree is your parent, and below on each side are their parents, and then on and so on.

There are formatting standards that some people adhere to like females being to the right, and males on the left. Additionally, it is generally confined to family members only which means no parents of your spouse as an example. However, you can make your own as you wish.

While drawing a tree manually could be a possibility, the benefit of drawing it online is that the design is easy to follow, you can include as much as required without a paper edge limit and the information is secure and easily shared.

If you need more assistance, look up this article about the way genealogy operates(opens in a new tab), and it could be helpful to learn the steps to trace the family trees of your relatives(opens in a new tab).

Why should you choose Family Tree software at all?

A few genealogy software programs don’t include a database of information that you must access on your own therefore why should you even bother using the software?


Who is responsible for the data you have? If you are using an online platform, the data you collect and the layout of your data is usually shared. Although this may help other users connect and locate the trees they have, this doesn’t suggest that your data isn’t completely yours. Therefore, the software applications you install and download on your PC provide some privacy. Simon Orde, director at Family Historian, points out that this “allows users to save their personal data on their personal computer and under their own supervision.”

Cross-database Tips

The ability to search through multiple databases is crucial since the data can be purchased via subscriptions. This means that much of the data is separated. Therefore, while you may discover clues that can help you find relatives within the database, these hints will not apply to the wider data in databases.

If you utilize Ancestry it won’t take users onto MyHeritage or other sites however, it might help you with your research. This is why software can be beneficial as it gives you clues and matches of individuals across several databases.

Modifications to User

The cloud-based nature that is present in online genealogy services implies that others can alter data. Citing information is a good method but an online user doesn’t necessarily have to provide the reason for altering information. For instance, a few years ago, someone altered the death date of my grandfather’s in a popular ancestry website’s database.

My father was required to complete the process of correcting the date that was altered, proving his firsthand experience, as well as providing the death certificate prior to the date being fixed. It turned out that the person who had altered the date mistakenly identified my grandfather as someone with a similar surname. This is not a common problem with databases.

The Living Record

Utilizing genealogy services isn’t just to track the past, it could also be an excellent method of creating an image of your living relatives as well. This is a concern with databases that are online because they can infringe on the privacy of people living who may not want to be traced or even contacted.

Marcia Helzer, a retired school teacher and indexer volunteer for for the past eight years, believes that in a time when fraud is a serious issue, having a privately-managed database on your personal computer is the most secure alternative.

8. Family Tree Now – Is It Worth Your Time?

Family Tree Now offers you the opportunity to have a no-cost online experience to build your family tree. It has one of the most extensive collections of genealogy records (census records birth records, death documents, marriage and divorce documents, live persons records, and military records) It is certain that you will discover long-lost relatives making use of their search options. The most appealing thing about Family Tree Now is that Family Tree Now family tree builder is that you’ll not be charged for the look up information, search or add information to your tree. Make your family’s online tree.

9. Crestleaf : The Ultimate Family Tree Solution

Crestleaf can be described as an online family tree tool that allows families to keep track of their family’s history. With 90 million family documents across the United States alone, Crestleaf is the most trusted source of free information on genealogy. We believe there’s an untold story behind every photo of a family as well as our Crestleaf online family tree builder and timeline aid in preserving digitally your family’s history in chronological order to last a lifetime. The timeline feature provides you with an opportunity to work with your family members , and the possibility of engaging with them through uploading family pictures and bringing family story to life. Up to 1 GB of photos for free! Make your family tree online.

10. Family Echo: How To Expand Your Family Tree

Family Echo is an easy genealogy maker. Through Family Echo, you can create a tree of your ancestral roots. Invite your grandparents and parents to work together online and add the gaps in information. Send birthday wishes and contacts with your family members and friends. You can also upload pictures and other events. Additionally, Family Echo even allows users to connect it to your personal blog sites or websites.

Additionally, you can alter or update these information later. You are able to easily examine the interests of leisure and work within your family. Make a simple record of your family’s activities and transfer it onto the next generation. Download copies of the information to your computer to storage and backup. Additionally, you can import the data from FamilyScript as well as GEDCOM format.